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Body ritual commune in France

The Freakland Project is an attempt to form a "commune" which will welcome the modified, and welcome those who live for body rites. In their initial press release, they write,
Loyal to our utopic spirit and to finally develop our/your desires in opening the possibilities of the future, we wish to acquire land in the south of France. We have named this initiative: "FREAKLAND project" This land will be where future ART-KÖR. suspensions and other body mod related projects will be held. A landing ground for all the freaks on the planet looking for a place to perform, as well as for people able to contribute to the logistic, moral and even financial support. For them, it will be equally be a resting ground, a place of meeting and idea exchange.

To get a membership, you can send $20 to "FREAKLAND project", WEIRD FAKTÖRY, 69 rue de la bonneterie, 84000 Avignon, France, or visit Lukas Zpira's web site for more information.

As of early 2003, Freakland has the involvement of a number of suspension groups around the world, including Art-Kor, O-Kee-Pa, Freak Family, and Marquis from France, as well as Pain Solution from Norway, Visavajara from Germany, Copenhagen Body Extreme from Denmark, Etre Suspendu from Canada, and Serial Suspension Team from Brazil.

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