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Folliculitis is the inflammation or irritation of a hair follicle, which often results in pimple-like bumps.

A common problem reported after tattooing is "redness and pimpling" on or around the tattooed area. Although this can be a symptom of a number of reactions including, but not limited to, a Latex Allergy, Ink Allergy, Adhesive Tape Allergy, or Green Soap Allergy, it could also simply be folliculitis.

Folliculitis occurs during the tattoo process because hair is shaved prior to being tattooed. Since the pores and hair follicle are exposed and vulnerable, variances in temperature, dusts, dirts, molds, et cetera can caused a localized reaction, clog your pores and form the "pimples".

Folliculitis can occur with or without ointments recommended for Tattoo Aftercare. Aftercare balms may not cause a reaction, although petroleum based products may clog your pores, making it more likely for dirt to be trapped in the hair follicle.