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Finder Series
Author Ayano Yamane
Illustrator Ayano Yamane
Genre Manga
Country Japan
Publisher Digital Manga Publishing (North American)
Published 2005 (North American)
Language English (North American)
Pages 7 volumes, ongoing
ISBN Series

The Finder Series (You're My Love Prize in View Finder) is a Japanese yaoi manga series written and illustrated by Ayano Yamane. So far 6 volumes have been released as well as an Animix OVA adaptation, 2 drama CDs, a character art book, and other merchandise.

Story Synopsis

The story follows 23 year old Takaba Akihito, a freelance photographer, looking for a major story. He ends up taking photographs of shady business man Asami Ryuchi. Asami then kidnaps and rapes Akihito and they begin a strange relationship where each seems irresistibly drawn to the other. Fei Long is a rival crime boss from China who is looking for revenge against Asami and, in so doing, takes an interest of his own in Akihito.

At the end of Volume 3, Fei Long kidnaps Akihito and takes him back to Hong Kong. In Volume 4 Akihito wakes up in a cage with a tattoo of a snake on his wrist. Fei Long tells him that the mark indicates that he belongs to him, that no matter where he goes in Hong Kong he will be treated as Fei Long's property. When Akihito makes an attempt to escape captivity, he runs into a man in the market who, upon seeing the tattoo, reacts with fear, thinking Akihito is part of Fei Long's mafia.

In Volume 5, Asami rescues Akihito and takes him to an island to recover. While he is there, Asami has the tattoo removed.


Prisoner in the View Finder

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