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Female genital piercings cover a wide range, although there are only four or five "core" piercings that are commonly done. Many people call all female genital piercings "clit piercings" but this is more a reflection on the poor knowledge of female genital anatomy, rather than on the piercings people get.

Piercings of the clitoral hood include the vertical hood and the horizontal hood. Slightly related are the Nefertiti piercing and the isabella, as well as the deep hood piercing and the triangle piercing. Above the hood is a common surface piercing usually known as a christina.

There are outer labia piercings and inner labia piercings, with the piercing through the very back of the inner labia (the back of the vaginal opening basically) being known as a fourchette. Princess Albertina piercings pass through the urethra, as does the "scrunty piercing" (which is sort of like a transurethral frenum for women).

Clitoral piercings are of course also possible if the clitoris is large enough. There are also hymen piercings and other unusual variations.

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