Dennis Rodman

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Dennis Rodman
Birth Date May 13, 1961
Birth Place Trenton, New Jersey, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation Professional Basketball Player


Dennis Keith Rodman was a former professional basketball player known to most for his defensive skills and controversial antics on and off the court. He has many tattoos and piercings.

While his exploits may seem foolish, one can't argue that Rodman always brought body modification with him into the world arena of professional basketball.

Rodman isn't shy about talking about his work, even suggesting on Leno that he wanted to "travel around the world, filming tattoo and piercing parlors" for a documentary program.

During an appearance on Oprah, Rodman shared details of a suicide attempt. He didn't feel comfortable in the body he was given. Through body art, he was able to define who he is on his own terms.

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