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'Director' Michael Crichton
'Runtime' 113 mins
'Country' USA
'Language' English
'Rating' USA:PG
UK:AA (original)
UK:15 (video)
'Genre' Thriller / Mystery
'Year of Release' 1978
'DVD Release Date'
Coma at IMDB

Coma is a movie directed by Michael Crichton, featuring scenes of people appearing to be suspended in this manner. Allen Falkner is quoted as commenting, "the poster image is still stuck in my head from when I was a kid," thus giving the Suspension its name.

A Coma Suspension is a Horizontal Suspension where the hooks are pierced through the front of the body, so the person floats on their back, as if in an isolation tank.

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From IMDB:

Dr Susan Wheeler (Geneviève Bujold) is devastated when her best friend is pronounced brain dead after minor surgery at her hospital. Looking at the records, Susan finds that over the previous year a number of other fit young people have ended up the same way. She comes across two similarities to the cases - they all took place in the same operating theatre, and all the comatose bodies were moved to somewhere called the Jefferson Institute. She continues to investigate increasingly alone, starting to wonder if she can trust even her own boyfriend.
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