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The Church of Body Modification is an interfaith church whose members practice an assortment of ancient body modification rites which we believe are essential to our spirituality. It is our belief that by practicing body modification and by engaging in rituals of body manipulation we strengthen the bond between mind, body, and soul and ensure that we live as spiritually complete and healthy individuals.


About the Church


Mission Statement

The Church’s mission is to educate, inspire, and to help lead our members along a path of spiritual body modification.
As members of the Church of Body Modification, we aim to practice our body modification rituals with purpose, to unify our mind, body, and soul, and to connect with our higher power. [1]

Statement of Faith

We will always respect our bodies.
We believe it is our right to explore our world, both physical and supernatural, through spiritual body modification.
We promise to always grow as individuals through body modification and what it can teach us about who we are and what we can do.
We vow to share our experiences openly and honestly in order to promote growth in mind, body, and soul.
We honor all forms of body modification and those who choose to practice in safe and consensual ways.
We also promise to respect those who do not choose body modification.
We support all that join us in our mission and help those seeking us in need of spiritual guidance.
We strive to share a positive message with everyone we encounter, in order to act as positive role models for future generations in the body modification community.
We always uphold basic codes of ethics and encourage others to do the same. [2]

Vision Statement

As members of this Church, we envision living in a society where we are seen as an asset to our community, treated as equal to any non-modified person. We conceive of a time where we may practice our rituals and body modification without prejudice or discrimination. By acting responsibly and with integrity, we wish to observe our sincerely held religious beliefs without restriction. [3]

Board of Advisors

Link to All Biographies:

  • Rick Frueh (deceased)
  • Jared Karnes


Tiffany Hahn, Minister - View Tiffany Hahn's Minister App (PDF) and Press Release

David Hahn, Minister - View David Hahn's Minister App (PDF) and Press Release

Jason Morningstar, Minister - View Jason Morningstar's Minister App (PDF) and Press Release

Aric Chamberlain (deceased), Initiate Minister - View Aric Chamberlain's Minister App and Press Release

Ryan Emans, Initiate Minister -

Past Ministers

Since the Church's creation in 2000, more than 50 individuals have contributed to the Church under the title "Minister" as well as several related titles. These individuals are "former" or "retired" Ministers with the Church. For a list of current Ministers, consult the entity's website at Only current ministers maintain the privileges associated with the Church.


On Saturday, August 9, 2008, the Church of Body Modification hosted its first public event under new President, Chris Carter. The Church sponsored a group pull in San Diego, California. It is believed that approximately 18 people participated in this event.

In March 2011, the church became an associate corporate APP member.[4]


The Church of Body Modification is incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania, Entity Number 3825621 as of 07/28/2008.[5]

Prior to 2008, the Church of Body Modification was managed from the states of Arizona and Texas. No prior incorporations have been alleged nor identified. Numerous searches with the Arizona Corporation Commission [6] were conducted with possible name variations. To date, no records have been identified in the state of Arizona that appear to pertain to the Church. A similar search was conducted through the Secretary of State in Texas. [7] Again, no records were identified that appear to pertain to the Church. No incorporations records were reportedly filed by past Presidents, Board Members, or Ministers as of the date of this article's publication (September 2008).

Internal Revenue Service - EIN Status

The Church of Body Modification is a federally-recognized non-profit organization. For the EIN, please contact the current president.

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