Clerks II

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Clerks II
Director Kevin Smith
Runtime 97 mins
Country USA
Language English
Rating R
Genre Comedy
Year of Release 2006
DVD Release Date 2007
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Clerks II is a comedy by writer and director Kevin Smith. It appeared in theaters in 2006.

This film does not have a body modification focus however it is notable because both Rachel and Shannon appeared in the film.


Rachel won a charity auction for victims of Hurricane Katrina and that won her a spot in the film. Shannon was also allowed to appear in the film with her. Rachel was the only one with a speaking part.

The movie takes place in a fast food restaurant. After the character Randal goes on an offensive diatribe, food is handed over to customers (Rachel and Shannon) at which point Rachel says, "Fucking freak!" before dragging Shannon off screen by his stretched lobe. Shannon can be seen wearing a BME shirt.

Rachel appears in the credits as "Counter Girl with Ear Guy" while Shannon appears as "Ear Guy".

For those that asked, I won a charity auction for Katrina victims that Kevin Smith was hosting. After hanging out with Kevin all day, he asked me to do a line´╗┐ for the movie and I did. We had a really fun day and because we had gotten along so well, they let Shannon be in the movie as well. - Rachel on her experience

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