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one of the Circus Carnis logos
The Western Australian sideshow act, Circus Carnis (basic Latin for Meat Show), evolved out of the ritual group P.P.C. when a Burlesque Team Emili Hubble and Todd Denzil-Williams were involved with became defunct. The vision was to supply audiences, not just a "freak show," but a themed storyline with piercing, suspension, and all other manner of spectacle. Recruiting three more members from The P.P.C. (Ryan Mulholland, James Veitch and Janey Hakanson), the troupe performed several times a year.

Since 2007 Circus Carnis has consisted primarily of both Todd and his wife Jade although others have performed with the duo sporadically for both private and public performances. Over the years, Circus Carnis have also tried to provide a wider more artistic vision showcasing Todd's unique take on the philosophy of body modification, as well as performing in the traditional freak show style.

Circus Carnis are regular performers in Australia's festival circuit having been a part of both Western Australia's ARTrage productions and the Fringe Festival seasons.

"The Butcher" (Todd) performing with the Staple Gun
James as "The Judge" in the "Meat Show" production

Circus Carnis can be contacted at; [email protected]

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