Church of the Living Flesh

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The Church of the Living Flesh was a stillborn religion, first conceptualized by Yttrx On February 1st, 1998 and publicized on rec.arts.bodyart a few days later. The sole purpose of The Church of the Living Flesh was to form a collaborative system in the body modification community for handling lawsuits based on the idea that willful, permanent and semi-permanent alterating of a person's outward appearance is an inalienable right.

The unpalatability of a religion created for the sole purpose of legal shelter was immediately apparent, when nearly all of the people invited to join reacted with hostility at the idea of "belittling" spirituality for personal gain. Yttrx agreed with them and killed the idea a few weeks after he'd made it public.

In May of 2000, Steve Haworth announced the existence of The Church of Body Modification, which seemed to be a reworking of the point of The Church of the Living Flesh, with the important addition of a twist of spirituality.

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