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Cannibalism is the consumption of human flesh. In the context of body modification, cannibalism is undertaken in the form of Communion.

Cannabalisim with a Catholic overtone can also be known as Deiphagy

"Deiphagy"(noun) - "Deiphagic"(adverb) - "Deiphagism"(verb).

Deity: (1)A god or goddess. (2)The essential nature or condition of being a god; divinity.

Phagy: The eating of a specified substance or eating in a specified manner.

So how can this word "Deiphagy" be applied to Catholicism? One of the most important tenents of Catholocism is the Holy Sacrament, the wafer and the wine, Christs body and his blood, this is transubstantiationism, literally you eat a piece of bread and drink some non-alchoholic wine, but at the same time the belief that you are eating of "His" flesh and blood turns those humble substances into "His" flesh and blood. With out the belief in that spiritual change this ritual is religiously bankrupt and unjustified. Therefore at the time of Sacrament you are eating human flesh and blood (cannibalism or Anthropophagy) but due to the Holy Trinity, ie God being Both God and Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit all at the same time, this changes Jesus from being just a man to being a God or Deity, which in turn means at the time of the Holy Sacrament you are not eating a man (cannabilism or Anthropophagy) BUT EATING A GOD, "DEIPHAGY".

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