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Cal Leandros Series
Author Rob Thurman
Genre Fiction, Urban Fantasy
Country United States
Publisher Roc Fantasy
Published 2006 – ongoing
Language English
Pages 11 volumes
ISBN series



The Cal Leandros series is an ongoing series by author Rob Thurman about the fictional character of Caliban "Cal" Leandros and his brother Niko. The series begins with Cal and his brother Niko living in New York City, struggling to keep Cal's heritage a secret as they battle to survive those that would see them dead.

Body Modification

Please note that the following section contains information about specific plot points in the novels. If you have not read the novels and do not want to have these points spoiled, don't continue reading.

  • In Nightlife, Cal is taken over by an entity called Darkling. Maliciously, knowing how much Cal hated his mother Sophia, Darkling goes to a tattoo parlour and has the a red heart with the word "MOM" tattooed on his bicep. Later, Cal goes to a tattoo parlour and has it covered up by a band of black with the words Fratres in Armis (Brothers in Arms) in red.
  • In Blackout, Cal loses his memory. As it starts to come back he must make a choice. When he comes to his decision, he gets Niko to get a tattoo. The tattoo is in Aramaic and he will not tell Nico what it says. Later we find out, it says "Brothers Before Souls".
  • Delilah has a tattoo necklace around her throat, instead of beads, it is a collection of wolf eyes, each a different colour.


  1. Nightlife (2006)
  2. Moonshine (2007)
  3. Madhouse (2008)
  4. Deathwish (2009)
  5. Roadkill (2010)
  6. Blackout (2011)
  7. Doubletake (2012)
  8. Slashback (2013)
  9. DownFall (2014)
  10. Nevermore (2015)
  11. Everwar (due December 2016)


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