Burial Procedures

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What will happen to your body jewelry when you die? Will it go in the trash? Will it be given to your next of kin? Or will it be buried with you?

The answers to these questions are largely dictated by your next of kin, since few people include it in their will (and, like organ donations, it's a question that may be left to the next of kin no matter what your wishes, documented or not, may be). In most cases, piercings below the neck will simply be left in unless other directions are specifically given. Whether you are "prepared" with your facial jewelry or not is usually left up to your next of kin (as they answer questions on what you should be wearing and how your hair should be styled and so on). If the funeral is strictly closed-casket, they're usually left in.

If the jewelry is in when you go into the coffin for "display", you will be buried with it in as well (unless it's removed at the funeral for some reason). If you are being cremated the jewelry will usually be removed.

All in all, though, be sure that your next of kin knows your wishes, because after you're dead, they call the shots!

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