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Blue Wave is a saline spray (salt) used to help heal piercings. It comes in a 2 FL.OZ (59ml) pump bottle and is used similarly to Salt Soaks. It is in a non-aerosol bottle therefore poses no environmental threats. It is formulated using medical grade sea salt therefore in contains no impurities and unlike iodized sea salts, it has not been stripped of its vital nutrients.

  • Since it contains Citric Acid It will remain sterile in the bottle.
  • Blue Wave Saline Rinse is made and distributed by Tattoo Goo.

Blue Wave Saline Rinse Ingredients

  • Water (deionized)
  • Superior Sodium Chloride (salt)
  • Citric Acid (as a preservative)

Other Products

Tattoo Goo has moved on from just selling the "Goo" in a tin to several different products which include (as of April 16, 2006):

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