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|[[Image:Bjork.jpg|thumb|Screen Shots from ''Pagan Poetry'']]
|[[Image:Bjork.jpg|thumb|Screen Shots from ''Pagan Poetry'']]
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Birth Date November 21, 1965
Birth Place Reykjavík, Iceland
Death Date Living
Occupation Singer

Although the experimental, Icelandic singer Björk has two tattoos, she is included in this encyclopedia for her music video Pagan Poetry. The video by Nick Knight and Icelandic chanteuse Björk depicts strings of pearls being sewn in Björk's nipples and ears, and ends with still-bleeding play corset piercings on her back.

Nick Knight, the video’s director, had this to say about the piercings on in 2001:

She approached me with the idea. Her original idea in Iceland was to sew pearls into her nipples. She wanted to show her sexuality.
There are two obvious piercings right at the end. If anybody is squeamish they should avoid the last 20 seconds. The piercings are in the back. But it's not tribal or S&M - it's about a women's love for a man. (sic)

Because of nudity and actual footage of the piercing, MTV only showed the video late at night.

[edit] Tattoos

Björk has described the tattoo on her upper left arm as a Viking's compass. "It's so I don't get lost. If the Vikings had bad weather or fog, they used to draw it on their foreheads with a piece of coal. I thought that was a bit much, so I put it there."
(Rolling Stone Magazine July '95). The small tattoo is a design she created for her early punk jazz band KUKL[1].

[edit] Photos

Bjorktattoo.jpg Bjorktattoo2.jpg
Screen Shots from Pagan Poetry

[edit] External Links

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