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Ball Club Quarterly was the magazine brainchild of Ken Schein.

In the "dark days" before Internet access was a common luxury, Schein sold subscriptions to his hastily photocopied contact lists to a limited readership (at their peak, the circulation was estimated at 1000 BCQ and 200 Unique subscribers worldwide) for the price of $45/year.

Published and circulated from Pomona, California, Schein's BCQ promised:

For men into BALLS! Those who have them, those that want them, those that vacuum pump them! Personal ads, generally uncoded, with photos.
Good articles and fiction. Excellent reference to other interests such as golden showers, fetishes, tattoos, piercing, sex-clubs, offbeat videos, and very offbeat stuff including: saline injection, enemas, catheters, rough bondage, transsexuals, castration, fisting, bizarre home-made videos, electrolysis, spanking, ball-stretching, rough ball play, sounds, electro-shock, genital modification and more.

The advent of the Internet, BME/Extreme in particular, contributed to the decline of the publications.

SPC editor Shawn Porter was an active UNIQUE subscriber until its demise.

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