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BME's "tribal head" logo was originally designed in 1994 by the late Scott Fox, who drowned several years later with his twin brother Todd. Subsequent redesigns were done by Shannon Larratt.

Many people choose to get BME logos tattooed or scarred onto themselves.

Conditions of Use:

  1. All of these images are Copyright © 1994-2016 LLC.
  2. Under no circumstances may ANY of these graphics be represented as anything other than a BME logo.
  3. Permission is granted for personal non-commercial use.
  4. If you'd like these on a shirt, please visit BMEshop.
  5. BME logos may not be used for anything that is not specifically BME related (that means you can use them for a tattoo, or a BME BBQ shirt, or a link to BME, but you can't use them as a logo for your web site or anything like that).
  6. The only circumstance where you are granted permission to use these graphics commercially is if you are hosting a BME BBQ and you'd like to sell shirts there.

BME Logos

Scott Fox's BME Logo This one started it all Team BME Logo For the hockey jerseys "The Calm Logo" For IAM 2003 Tattooed Skull Logo

Logos for shirt and sticker designs

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BMEboy BMEgirl Ill Cap's BMEboy 2 Ill Cap's BMEgirl 2
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Five Rings BME Elf BMEbot Team BME Zombie
BME Heart

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