Ami James

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{: class="toccolours" style="width:200px;float:right;margin:10px;"| ! colspan="2"|Ami James |- ! colspan="2"|Amijames.jpg |- |Birth Date |April 6, 1972 |- |Birth Place |Israel |- |Death Date |Living |- |Occupation |tattoo artist |- |Website |[1] |}

Ami James (born Omi James, April 6, 1972), is an Israeli-born tattoo artist.

James moved to the United States aged 11 or 12, living with his father's parents before moving to Miami at the age of 12. He moved back to Israel in his teens and completed his military service in the Israel Defense Force as a sniper. At the age of 15 he got his first tattoo. In 1992, he started his apprenticeship with tattoo artist Lou at Tattoos By Lou. He is the co-owner (with Chris Núñez) of the Miami Beach, Florida tattoo parlor Love Hate Tattoos, the subject of the TLC reality television program, Miami Ink. James also co-owns the DeVille clothing company[1] with Núñez and Jesse Fleet, and the Miami nightclub Love Hate Lounge, with Núñez and two other close friends. He has also created designs for Motorola's RAZR V3 mobile phones.[2] His now ex-wife, Jordan, gave birth to their only child, Shayli Haylen James on August 3, 2008. James has also recently invested in a jewelry line, Love Hate Choppers Jewelry, with Boston jeweler Larry Weymouth.

Ami opened up a new shop in New York which is the subject of the show NY Ink.

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