Allen Falkner

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Allen Falkner
Allen Falkner-1.jpg
Birth Date 17 April 1969
Birth Place
Death Date Living
Occupation piercer, photographer

Allen Falkner (born April 17, 1969) is a driving force behind TSD, the first suspension group, and it could be said that he has done more to bring Suspension into the mainstream than anyone else out there. He's trained many of the best known performers and has organized some of the biggest public performances, as well as hosted the Texas SusCons.

Allen is also a talented piercer with a long and established history (he was one of Fakir Musafar's first apprentices), as well as a multi-faceted body artist. He owns and works out of Obscurities in Texas. Allen is also a photographer whose work is showcased at

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  • Allen was formerly married to model and performer Masuimi Max and was instrumental in launching her career.

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