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*Mikado - Has a full backpiece of a dragon.
*Mikado - Dragon backpiece
*Zaouji - Red spider lilies backpiece
*Daigo Irie - Phoenix backpiece
*Kurahashi - Acala backpiece

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Story Synopsis

Yakuza Cafe (Gokudou Café) is a Japanese yaoi manga written and illustrated by Shinano Oumi.

Young Shinri knows a lot about tea. So when his estranged father invites him to come and work at his new café, Shinri jumps at the chance. There’s one catch, though; the café staff are all former yakuza, and the only thing more dangerous than their tempers is their horrible tea! Shinri becomes their new waiter and soon finds he has a new “bodyguard” of sorts: the intense and loyal ex-henchman Mikado. But one night, when Shinri touches the tattoo on Mikado’s back, he unleashes the passion of a “dragon”…

  • Softcover: 200 pages
  • Publisher:Digital Manga Publishing (Nov 22 2011)
  • Language: English (original Japanese)
  • ISBN: 1569702403 (Find this at Amazon.com)


  • Mikado - Dragon backpiece
  • Zaouji - Red spider lilies backpiece
  • Daigo Irie - Phoenix backpiece
  • Kurahashi - Acala backpiece
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