Yakuza Cafe (manga)

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Yakuza Cafe
Author Shinano Oumi
Illustrator Shinano Oumi
Genre Manga
Country Japan
Publisher Digital Manga Publishing (North American)
Published 2007 (North American)
Language English (North American)
Pages 200
ISBN 9781569702406

Story Synopsis

Yakuza Cafe (Gokudou Café) is a Japanese yaoi manga written and illustrated by Shinano Oumi.

Young Shinri knows a lot about tea. So when his estranged father invites him to come and work at his new café, Shinri jumps at the chance. There’s one catch, though; the café staff are all former yakuza, and the only thing more dangerous than their tempers is their horrible tea! Shinri becomes their new waiter and soon finds he has a new “bodyguard” of sorts: the intense and loyal ex-henchman Mikado. But one night, when Shinri touches the tattoo on Mikado’s back, he unleashes the passion of a “dragon”…

  • Rating: Mature (18+)
  • Softcover: 200 pages
  • Publisher:Digital Manga Publishing (Nov 22 2011)
  • Language: English (original Japanese)
  • ISBN: 1569702403 (Find this at Amazon.com)


  • Mikado - Dragon backpiece
  • Zaouji - Red spider lilies backpiece
  • Daigo Irie - Phoenix backpiece
  • Kurahashi - Acala backpiece
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