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Why is a question everyone involved in body modification, on any level, is asked repeatedly. There are as many answers as there are modification varieties. All of them are valid; some are negative, while others are positive. Here are a few:

  • Why not?
  • I liked the way it looks.
  • I like the way it feels (healed, that is).
  • It was a ritual journey, a trial by fire — I went through it, I survived, and I'm a better person for it.
  • I wanted to "reclaim" my body, and assert personal power and ownership over it. It was empowering.
  • I wanted to mark a significant moment in my life.
  • I wanted to set myself apart. I am not like the rest of the drones. I will never work at McDonald's.
  • I wanted to make a sociopolitical statement.
  • I wanted to make an artistic statement.
  • My friends think it's cool.
  • I was emulating someone I admire. I saw it in a music video.
  • I got it to be the same as the rest of the people in my subculture.
  • It is an extension of my unstable sociopathic nature.
  • It is a cry for help.
  • I believe it will make me more attractive to my sexual partners. It will make me a better lover.
  • I wanted to "align my external body image with my internal body image".
  • I believe body modification is the path to spiritual enlightenment. It teaches you about yourself, about your role in the universe.
  • I believe that exploring the body and modifying it facilitates evolution.
  • My parents hate them, I hate my parents, and now I'm old enough to go on my own.
  • ...etc. etc. etc.

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