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The vertical hood piercing, one of the most common female genital piercings, passes vertically through the clitoral hood, generally through a single central hole. Many people erroneously refer to it as a "clit ring," but the piercing does not in fact pass through the clitoris itself, it passes only through the hood.

The ring or barbell — usually a curved barbell) — is meant both to decorate as well as rub the clitoris. While most women enjoy this a great deal, some women find the constant stimulation a bit much to handle, while even others get used to the sensation. Naturally, this will vary from woman to woman.

Most piercers perform this piercing using a receiving tube placed under the hood, into which the needle is pushed from the top of the hood itself. The piercing heals very quickly and tends to be trouble-free, assuming the woman's anatomy allows it. Some women with excessively tight hoods may not be able to get this piercing. As a general rule, if a q-tip fits under your hood, you can get this piercing ("The Q-tip Test").

Vertical hood
Vertical hood
Vertical hood
Vertical hood

Alternative Names

Speed Trap
is a local term at the University of Illinois, especially in reference to sorority girls. It is not in common usage elsewhere.
a variation on the word 'prepuce', which is a retractable piece of skin which covers part of the genitals. In the case of females, this is the clitoral hood.

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