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Template StudioInfo

Hey, I'm the first on your Talk page! I wanted to discuss the StudioInfo template. Right now it's got two boxes, and it looks weird. Which one were you intending to have be the way it actually looks? The coding on the second one looks way crazy - I'm not at all sure what you were trying to accomplish there. The first one looks pretty reasonable, though, should we go with that one? I did make a couple of modifications: First, hardcoding the <br> within the address field is a bit clunky, so I've made separate {{{street}}} and {{{citystate}}} fields. Also, I added [[Category:Studios]] at the bottom of the template, so all studios will be added by default. And finally, I'm not at all clear what you meant by having a "Month" template embedded - what was the design goal with that? Oh, and the embedded infobox...not sure what that was either.

I'm pretty confident we can get this template working - it should be very straightforward, but you've got a lot of stuff in there that I'm not sure what your intent was, so I figured I'd check with what your intentions were before erasing tons of stuff. (Although hey, that's what histories are for.) I've used Electric Dragonland as an example; take a look (including at the code) and see what you think.

Added: Hey, have a look at Template:StudioInfo_Etoile and User:Etoile/StudioSample and let me know if that suits you. I can probably tweak it for whatever else you'd like to include.

-Etoile 20:05, 19 April 2006 (EDT)

Gday Xaonon, I really like what we tried todo but I don't think it will work right now. Russgrue 21:39, 19 April 2006 (EDT)

Hi guys, thanks for taking an interest. Let me try to explain what I was attempting to do. The idea was that every field in the infobox (except for the name and address) could be optional, and simply not displayed if not specified. That would allow multiple infoboxes on the same page for studios with multiple branches; each would have their own contact and other info as appropriate, with as little unnecessary baggage as possible and without interrupting the main flow of the article. The overall appearance was intended to be not dissimilar from Wikipedia's Taxobox, though much simpler of course. However, I couldn't get the conditional logic working properly, at least not at the same time as the table formatting. Without the ability to write literal table cell and row HTML tags, our templating ability is drastically restricted. I welcome any creative solutions you guys can come up with. Keep me posted!  :) — Xaonon (Talk) 01:03, 20 April 2006 (EDT)
Actually, you can use <td> and <tr> just fine, unless there's a reason you don't want to? -Etoile 13:29, 20 April 2006 (EDT)
Sure I want to! But to my knowledge I can't. For example, here's the output of Template:Test: "<tr><td>foo</td><td>bar</td></tr>". Take a look at the source for that template; the wiki is allowing the <i> and <b> tags but auto-escaping the table tags. Unless there's some way to turn off the escaping that you know of? — Xaonon (Talk) 18:51, 20 April 2006 (EDT)
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