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If you're still around... I'm assuming IAM is out for you too? You have any idea if Shannon is aware of it, if it indeed is?

Yeah, it is. I'm assuming Shannon's still asleep in NYC. I know he went out last night. I doubt he knows there's a problem. Jon will probably be waking up with Nefarious soon, so hopefully he can fix the problem.

I'll try to call his cell and wake his ass up! :P

Whose? Shannons, or Jons?

Shannon's.. I don't have Jon's... but at the moment, I don't have Shannon's either.. it's in a damn IM on IAM! Oops! Grr.. I know I wrote it somewhere!

Yeah, I don't have Shannon's either- it's on IAM as well. Clive's cell doesn't work in the US, otherwise, I'd call that. I guess we'll just have to wait until they figure it out themselves. :(

I found it! Dropped the call just after he answered.. :( Will keep trying

Sounds great! Let me know how it turns out.

Will do

Weird... email me, please, at cjason at cableone dot net -- I'll "remind" you of his # if you care to try... it keeps dropping the call.. so probably his end.. but if you're up for trying.. :)

IAM is back up!

Sent. Are you going to keep trying? Or do you want me to just do it?

Stop calling! It's back up! :)

I know... I've stopped! Dunno of Jon caught it or if I managed to mutter "IAM is down" before the call was dropped, but at least it is back!!

Great. Good for you being on your toes. I'm outtie for the day. Talk to ya later.

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