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Thanks for fixing what I didn't on the Bicep Piercing stuff! Honest, I'm busy, not lazy! :P hehe - User:Phantazm (aka cjason on here)

That's ok, that's why it's open to all of us! It's not up to 1 person to fix.  :) User:Savagerabbit

...was going to ask if someone could remove that failed coma file - cheers! ...pas des chiens 23:28, 30 April 2006 (EDT)


Damn you're fast! I clicked the edit link (almost immediately) to fix "acutly" and noted it was fixed! :P Geeeeeeeez! (in reference to IAM Blackout, of course!

Eh, I'm just waiting for IAM to come back, but I'll have to go to bed soon. Work in the morning.
If you would/could.... I'd love to have your email addy... (email to *****************) -- if you don't mind my having it, of course!
I sent you a contact email.
Thanx.. got it..
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