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Hi! ...just a headsup, if you're adding a redirect to a page, please remember to remove all the other information. If the redirect doesn't replace the information, then just add a link. It's causing havok on a number of pages with multiple redirects and awkward categorisation. (Pasdeschiens 01:04, 24 April 2006 (EDT))

Cultural Category

...having a browse through the Cultural category, there are a lot of entries that are categorised as, say, Japanese and Cultural. According to Wiki tradition, as Japanese is a subcategory of Cultural, these entries don't need to be doublecategorised. It's a great category though - I was wondering how to clean up all of those entries! :) (pas des chiens 19:06, 30 April 2006 (EDT))

Jonathan Martinez

.... just to let you know that Jonathan goes by his first name and not his last name. Such as Shannon goes by Shannon and not Larratt. Also, I am not sure where you got the date of June, but he actually moved to Spain in February. (Sadhaka 7 June 2006 (EDT))

The 6 of June came from yesterday, as in the last time the article had been update about his whereabouts. Also when writing an professional piece, the person in question is always referred to by their last name, but since not very many articles (if any) do this, I suppose it is an unnecessary edit. That is the beauty of a wiki.
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