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I understand removing the categories of a redirected page, but not the actual information? Excess info under the redirect does not appear to affect the redirect at all. -Sauterelle

...but there's no point in there being information under the redirect if it's all on the new page anyway. It's redundant and takes up more room than is really necessary. If you have any doubt about putting in the redirect, then maybe don't do it - add something in the Talk page or ask someone their opinion. Oh, and I only removed the information because that was the trend started by other people when correcting the redirects earlier this week. (Pasdeschiens 02:26, 29 April 2006 (EDT))

Sorry but I removed Stelarc from the suspension group list, (though it killed me to do it, since he is a friend of mine and a hero) we can add Hack, Swing, Hanged Man or Circus Carnis though if you wish? - Toddy

The list in the Suspension FAQ is far (far) from complete - the list under the Category:Suspension Groups is better (although still a work in progress). I saw the FAQ as being a sort of sampler, while the category is more definitive... if that makes sense? That said, knowing that Stelarc was the only Australian on the FAQ list, it'd be nice to re-add someone from this fine country. Your call on which one - who's the biggest / well known? I knew of HACK before reading the encyclopedia, but if you want to add CC, go for it.
...furthermore, that section should be edited and the external links replaced with wiki links anyway, so... maybe go through the suspensiongroups category, or just take a lot of those references out and replace them with "go here to see more"... hm. I mean, there's people in that list who aren't *groups*, as such - Lizardman is not a group, last I checked. (...and neither was Stelarc, really?)... (Pasdeschiens 22:13, 29 April 2006 (EDT))

HAHAHAHAHAHAH your right I'm an idiot- Toddy

O, I found out the reason why. Oddly enough the double redirect page thinks that any encyclopedia link after the redirect is another redirect. That's why everyone is deleting them. Thought you would be interested. -Sauterelle

Hey is Lucky Diamond Rich an Aussie I am pretty sure he is from Melbourne but wanted a second opinion, do you know?- Toddy

As far as I know he is originally from NZ but lives in Aus. I've heard both Sydney and Melbourne. I'm sure someone else knows better than I do though.


Lucky Diamond Rich

...did some research, he's from Sydney. Added that to his page, plus a link to a Sydney Morning Herald article about "our lucky diamond" :) (Pasdeschiens 09:55, 30 April 2006 (EDT))

Quick question - you removed "Category: People" from Jonathan Martinez's page. I have checked that category andthere are various artists listed. Any particular reason to remove him? User:Sadhaka 04:35, 10 July 2006 (EDT)

Category: People

I removed him from the direct 'people' category because he fits into many other subcategories of that one - piercer / artist etc - to avoid double classification.

There are very few entries in the 'people' category who are artists, piercers, or the like - the ones who remain there do not fit (easily) into other sub-categories.

Hope this made sense... (pas des chiens 00:12, 10 July 2006 (EDT))

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