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Movie template

Hey - just a headsup, the movie template can be used in a much easier way. It's like a database that calls on entities - all you need to enter is:

  • |moviename = name of the movie
  • |coverimage = coverimage.jpg (upload one, I find that the ones on IMDB are tiny, so I try to find them on Amazon or through Google Image search)
  • |director = director's name
  • |runtime = ## mins
  • |country = country of release
  • |language = language the movie is in
  • |rating = (I try to keep this restricted to USA, Australia, UK, Canada...)
  • |genre = (this is found on IMDB if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself)
  • |year = YYYY (no link brackets, it will be done automatically)
  • |IMDB = (again, no linking, it will be done automatically)

and add { {Movie at the beginning and } } at the end, with no space between brackets.

(xo, pas des chiens 19:42, 1 May 2006 (EDT))

...and I've added a DVD Release Date, as well (even though, in hindsight, that's going to vary between country to country). Original release date is a year, rather than a specific date (for ease of linking, and to deal with international releases). Add:
  • |DVD = (dvd release date)
to the template mentioned earlier, it's not linked anywhere (as the DVD release is much less significant than the original film), so can be a full date or just the year. Personally I'm going to be putting years, as I live in Australia and know things happen here on different dates (...we got Sin City in cinemas here a week before it was on DVD in the States).

(pas des chiens 19:51, 1 May 2006 (EDT))

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