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Todd Denzil-Williams Is a founding member of both Perth Pirate Core (the P.P.C.) a ritual group that is active on the west coast of Australia and of Circus Carnis (very basic Latin for "Meat Show") a professional performance team, with numerous shows under their belt.

Todd and his partner Emili Hubble (also a founding member of the P.P.C. and Circus Carnis) have taken on a very public image in their state of Western Australia in support of body play and the freedom to manipulate and change an individuals body as they see fit. In their efforts to do this, they have given several radio interviews, one whilst piercing, throwing hooks and then commencing to flesh pull.

At this time Todd other than his ritual activities is studying for a B.A. in Media Studies and Film and trying to control an already rabid book collection from expanding any further.

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