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This is my workingspace for the BME encyclopedia body piercing template page. I'm using the Prince Albert piercing page over at Wikipedia as a starting off point. Text within the arrows is intended to be guideline text for editors>



<do not put the above header on an actual page - just start with the intro text - intro text should be primarily concerned with the name and placement of the piercing. I left the text from the Prince Albert piercing page as an example.>

The Prince Albert piercing (PA) is a common form of male genital piercing. The PA pierces the penis from the outside of the frenulum and into the urethra. There is also the “reverse Prince Albert piercing” which enters through the urethra and exits through a hole pierced in the top of the glans.


<this section should be a technical explanation of the placement of the piercing in both medical and layman's terms>


<this section should explain the common method by which the piercing is performed, if several different techniques are common, they should be individually explained in subheaders. The level of pain or discomfort likely to be encountered during the procedure should also be explained here. If there is an alternate procedure practiced either historically or by native peoples, it should be discussed here in a subheader.>

Healing and aftercare

<this section should explain the average length of the healing process, and any issues that may be present during that process (increased risk of STD transmission, potential for migration/rejection, etc...). Aftercare should describe common aftercare methods for the individual piercing.

Long term health issues

<this section would describe and link to articles of specific relevance the potential long term effects of having the piercing. Migration/rejection, gum recession, cheese cutter effect, potential for impact or torsion damage, etc... Maybe the "sexual effects" of piercings should be discussed here in a subheader?>


< this section should describe the common jewelry worn in the piercing, both the intital jewelery commonly used, and the more common types of jewelry worn in the healed piercing. Perhaps the "stretchability" of the piercing should also be discussed here, as it's directly related to the jewelry that is worn? If there's a particularily strange piece of jewelry or a device (like a chastity device) that's worn in the piercing, it should probably get a subheader>

History and culture

<This section should explain the origin(s)or supposed origin(s) of the piercing. Depending on the depth of material available this section could contain several subsections. The naming of the piercing, including alternate or regional namings should be here, including names in foreign languages, if available. The history of the piercing could be broken into several subheadings, as could it's practice in extant indigenous societies relative to its practice in contemporary Western/Eastern cultures.>


<any materials cited in the article should go here. Web materials should be linked, textual materials should be properly cited, as in a bibliography.>

See also

<a list of relevant links>

Related risks

<a list of any risks from the risks category that are applicable to this piercing>

External links

<if there are links to materials outside BME that might be of interest to the reader - the homepage of the studio that pioneered the piercing, etc...>

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