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Kirsten is a member of IAM and an editor of the BMEZINE.COM Encyclopedia. She is tattooed, pierced, branded and scarred, has pulled and hung from hooks and doesn't eat meat. Trying to live organic and cruelty free she volunteers at a local SPCA and co-owns an artistic landscaping company with her husband.

Kirsten was first pierced at the age of three when her mother had her lobes pierced with a piercing gun at a mall kiosk. This was done in response to Kirsten's attempt to pierce her own ears with a thumbtack after watching her mother insert earrings. By the age of 29 Kirsten had 12 holes in her right ear and 4 in her left, all performed herself except for those first gunned holes. She had also self-pierced her navel and the webbing between her right forefinger and thumb. Her center lower lip and both nipples had been pierced professionally. By the age of 30 all earrings were removed except for the first holes, which had been stretched to 0g. The navel piercing was removed after a failed attempt to stretch to 4g. The handweb piercing lasted only weeks. Body modification in flux.

Kirsten's first tattoo was a piece of tribal flash on her right breast when she was 22. This was covered by a custom pair of large roses, the start of a full chest piece, when she was 30.

At 29 Kirsten pulled for the first time with a pair of hooks in her back attached by rope to a tree in a beautiful forest in the hour just before sunset. The experience was so satisfying and purifying that she opted to suspend, Superwoman style, in celebration of her 30th birthday.

To celebrate her marriage to a wonderful man, and at his suggestion, Kirsten and her husband were branded with similar Luna Moth motifs by a friend in their living room in 2005.

Kirsten has a large collection of scars from a lifetime battle with mental illness and self mutilation. At the current stage in her life she is in remission without the use of medication and is symptom free for the first time in conscience memory. There are plans to cover her scar tissue with tattoos as an example that beauty can come from pain.

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