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Birth Date 1983
Birth Place Fergus, Ontario
Death Date living
Occupation piercer, performer

Tye was born June 1983 in Fergus, Ontario, Canada. He is a body piercer and performer.

He started in the body modification industry when he was 16 working the counter as well as working as a sterilization technician at Stigmata in Guelph, ON.

Through intensive self study and guidance from Tom Brazda, Tye went on to pierce at various studios such as Kreative Khaos, Way Cool Kitchener, Lucky Devil, Abstract Arts where he also worked for Tattoos.com helping maintain the site and organizing NIX/the Toronto tattoo convention (Northern Ink eXposure), then joined Tom Brazda at Electric Tattoo in Toronto shortly before going on tour with the Enigma as the human pincushion and drummer for The Human Marvels under the stage name The Metal Golem.

After parting ways with "The Human Marvels", Tye went back to Electric Tattoo in Toronto and joined The Great Orbax Sideshow. Leaving Electric Tattoo, he went on to become the piercer at Sinful Inflictions in Whitby, Ontario, where he left to do a tour with his own sideshow called Alkatraz Sideshow.

Tye now works at Way Cool Oakville along side with Tom Brazda and is undergoing training under David Vidra to become one of few Canadian teachers for Health Educators INC.

Misc. Information

  • He is known best for his modified superman suspension with Rites of Passage at the Toronto Suscon where he added a hook in the back of his head and neck. He now adds head hooks to any suspension he can.
  • He has been featured on National Geographic's "Taboo" getting branded by Brian Decker
  • He started his performance carrier with fire breathing at the age of 16
  • In the summer of 2007 he received 2nd degree burns to 60% of his face, 40% of his neck and his left hand in a fire performance accident. He has no scars from it.
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