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Tim Hendricks
Birth Date
Birth Place
Death Date living
Occupation tattoo artist
Website http://saltwatertattoo.com/

Tim Hendricks is a second-generation artist, taught by his father at a young age. Tim has been tattooing since the early nineties, he got his start by tattooing in the neighborhood he grew up in during his mid-teens tattooing local Hispanic hoodlums and punk rockers. Tim’s lust for life and his continuing pursuit of knowledge, growth and travel combined with his background of a lengthy tattoo career have shaped his style of art into something described as unique and diverse. Tim spends most of his time drawing, skateboarding and surfing away his days and nights, and at the moment is working on some new art involving pin-ups, painting some new large scale mixed medias.

Tim previously appeared on the TV show Miami Ink and can currently be seen on NY Ink.


Oh yeah, of course. I'm sure I have a list of haters a mile long. A lot of them have a good point. The tattoo shows definitely take away some of the mystique and the beauty of our business. I contribute to that. If I didn't take the offer, they would've went and found somebody else. I don't know if I deserved the opportunity, but I know I deserve to work with my friends. It got me out of a little rut that I was in, and it got me inspired again. A lot of the people hating are just jealous. Fuck 'em. They can sit there and be angry. All that negative energy is going to bounce back upon them. I'm not going to hide behind any excuses. I knew it was going to create a lot of animosity. It goes back to that thing I said before: I just don't care. I do care about tattooing. I owe my whole life to tattooing. Maybe it'll give those people who hate the TV shows a little comfort to know that I still really do care. - Inked Magazine (on being asked if he gets any shit from other people in the community for being part of a TV show)

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