The World of Tattoo

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The World of Tattoo
Author Maarten Hesselt van Dinter
Genre Non Fiction
Publisher KIT Publishers
Published June 2005
Language English
Pages 300
ISBN 9068321927

The World of Tattoo is an illustrated history of tattoos written by Maarten Hesselt van Dinter. The book includes images of the Ainu, the Kayan, Otzi among others.

From Amazon's book description:

Despite a growing fascination with tattooing among social scientists--and the popularity of tattoos themselves in general--the practice of tattooing has lacked a comprehensive historical record. Until very recently, there was no good context for writing a serious world history of tattooing. This new volume conveys the richness of the history of tattooing from antiquity to the present day.

Unlike most other tattoo books that describe one aspect this book conveys the overall picture. It takes you to each of the seven continents with descriptions of their tattoo history and tattoo practices. Thus the book provides the reader with a truly global view of tattooing. It adds new information and new examples and insights that give the reader a new perspective.

By combining empirical history, powerful cultural analysis, and a highly readable style, the author adds an important step to the ongoing effort of writing a meaningful cultural history of tattooing. He does not draw new conclusions or present shocking new theories, but suggests and invites the reader to form his own opinions. This publication presents the reader with a vast amount of textual and visual information. From the well known examples from Tahiti to rarely seen Chinese tattoos, from the Ice Maiden to modern day Western tattoos--they are all there. Many of the approximately 400 color illustrations are unique images that have never been published before.


Section about European Trade in Tattooed Heads
Kayan like designs
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