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Doing what he knows best

The Great Orbax aka Professor Orbax is a jack of all trades whose repertoire includes amateur wrestling, sideshow, rogue taxidermy, hosting BMEfest and grad school. Orbax has an Hnrs BSc. in major physics, minor mathematics, an MSc in 2002 (experimental polymer physics) and is currently in the process of earning a PhD.

From an early age, Orbax has believed that he is a monster, and has since tried to capture that through his body modifications:

My belief structure, of course, being that I was a monster. Blame Sesame Street or WDIV channel 50’s thriller double feature, but I would come to school dressed like a vampire, or howl at the moon, or hang upside down from chairs in kindergarten. Suffice to say I was an easy target, but I actually believed that I was a monster until everyone else told me that it was impossible. And that is something that has always bothered me, something I’ve tried to recapture through my circus exploits, and primarily something I’ve tried to achieve through body modification. I don’t know if this makes sense to everyone, but it certainly does to some: I was not a human being until I was made to be one. And because of that, I have always had body issues, always had issues of self-esteem — issues that I was only really able to conquer through body modification and performance.

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