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Arguably one of Australia's first Side/Feak Shows and formed circa 1990 by the charismatic Steve (Atho) Atherton and Paul Tyler, "The Extreme Team" was made up of around 8 members, each who had their own skills or attributes.

Combining many different types of piercing performance into a 30 to 45 minute spectacle, "The Extreme Team" travelled all over Australia performing at many venues to a very diverse crowd and supporting Motor cross riders, "The Crusty Demons of Dirt," on their first two tours of Australia; they were also featured in a "Black Flys" surf and skate video.

At this time, "The Extreme Team" no longer perform, but both Atherton and Tyler are busy. Tyler now lives in Australia's Eastern states and produces videos for the surf and skate market whilst Atho designs (and owns) skateparks and plays in his band Bachanna. Steve Atherton was the first (publicised) person in Australia to Suspend from a single hook; he was also the first to suspend from a single hook whilst singing in his previous band, "The Dogs."


Steve (Atho) Atherton
Paul Tyler
Jim ...
... Willow
Kevin (Nig Nog) Meeks
Adzy Shotgun
Shane O'Brien-Lynch

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