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Genre {{{genre}}}
Starring {{{starring}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Language {{{language}}}
Number of Seasons {{{seasons}}}
Runtime {{{runtime}}}
First Aired {{{first}}}
Last Aired {{{last}}}
[{{{IMDB}}} {{{showname}}} at IMDB]


Use this template on articles which are about TV. It should automatically categorize them as such, too.

For example:

|showname = Title
|coverimage = Image location |genre = Genre
|starring = starring
|country = Country of origin
|language = Language
|seasons = Number of seasons
|runtime = # of minutes
|first aired = Year the show first aired
|last aired = Year the show ended, if applicable
|IMDB = Link from IMDB (if it's not there, leave blank), this will be linked to when the template is applied

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