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Director {{{director}}}
Runtime {{{runtime}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Language {{{language}}}
Rating {{{rating}}}
Genre {{{genre}}}
Year of Release [[{{{year}}}]]
DVD Release Date {{{dvd}}}
[{{{IMDB}}} {{{moviename}}} at IMDB]


Use this template on articles which are about movies. It should automatically categorise them as such, too.

For example:

|moviename = Title
|coverimage = Image location (typically the images on IMDB are tiny, I suggest looking up the movie on Google Images or via Amazon)
|director = Director name
|runtime = ## mins
|country = Country of origin
|language = Language
|rating = Ratings (typically: US, UK, Australia, Canada)
|genre = from IMDB if you don't feel confident
|year = Year of release in format YYYY - eg 1970 (this will be automatically linked to when the template is applied
|dvd = DVD release date in whatever format you choose, no links are applied
|IMDB = Link from IMDB (if it's not there, leave blank), this will be linked to when the template is applied

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