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Techni-Care® has proven to be a safe and non-toxic antiseptic product for use in the preparation and aftercare of piercings (usually after suspension or other ritual). The product is applied directly to the wound at full strength (do not dilute with water) and then allowed air or blot dry. Wounds treated with Techni-Care® generally heal within 2-7 days.

From Care-Tech Laboratories, Inc.:

TECHNI-CARE® Surgical Scrub, Pre-Op and Post-Op Solution (Collagen Enriched)

Indications and Usage: Topical, Bactericide, Microbicide for professional degerming, pre-op and post-op procedures. Advanced technology in skin disinfectants combining quaternary and substituted phenolic active ingredients in a synergistic blend of emollients and surfactants. Unprecedented efficacy on all gram-negative and gram-positive organisms tested in 30 seconds. Techni-Care® represents a new molecular structure. Exceptionally mild formulation aids in healing hands and skin abused by toxic chemicals. Apply directly to surgical sites for microbiologically "cleaner" skin prior to and after surgical procedures. Use directly on skin areas for I.V. site maintenance. Safe and effective for mucous membranes and around ears and eyes. Highly efficient surfactancy for removal of organic matter. Excellent for chronic wound cleansing and decontamination. Techni-Care® has a lower toxicity rating than commercial soaps and shampoos.

Clinical Pharmacology: Amphoteric, Cationic, Phenolic Blend - Proprietary - U.S. Patent #5,244,666 Active Ingredients: Chloroxylenol 3.0%, Cocamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate 3.0%

OTC Pharmaceutical/Listed PDR, 1992 No Fragrance. Contains Phospholipid and Protein Collagen for accelerated wound healing rates.

Precautions: Non-Toxic, Non-Dermal Irritant, contains no linear alcohols. Rated Mild in Ocular Tissue Testing, External Use Only. Allergic Reactions May Occur in 1% of the U.S. Population

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