Tattooed Portraits (book)

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Tattooed Portraits
Author Shawn Barber
Genre Art
Country United States
Publisher 9MM Books
Published March 30, 2006
Language English
Pages 112
ISBN 0976632543

Tattooed Portraits: New Paintings by Shawn Barber is a full-color fine art book showcases a select group of paintings in Shawn Barber’s portraiture series on well-known contemporary painters and tattoo artists. The paintings range from traditional representational portraits to colorful, expressionistic abstractions. Through his refined skills and modern expressionistic techniques, Shawn’s paintings are complex emotional responses to the subject being tattooed, the designs and tattoo artists, including Mike Giant, Grime, Mike Davis, Paul Booth, Helen Garber, Marcus Pacheco, Jeremy Fish, Henry Lewis, Owen Smith and Tara McPherson.

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