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Tattoo Goo "The Original" .75oz tin

Tattoo Goo is an aftercare salve for your new and existing tattoos.

The creators of Tattoo Goo claim that it was "'developed to provide the best possible aftercare for your tattoos'." The original Tattoo Goo Salve was developed by pharmacists in 1998 as the first form of aftercare specifically made for healing a tattoo. The “goo” was the first product and differs from other, more traditional methods of healing tattoo because it does not contain Lanolin or Petroleum. Instead of Lanolin or Petroleum, which will clog pores throughout the initial healing process, Tattoo Goo uses beeswax as a base, giving it a similar consistency to traditional methods, but with the advantage of allowing the pores to breath, thus promoting faster healing as well as preventing a thick scab which often contributes to pigment loss.

"The Original" Tattoo Goo Ingredients

Tattoo goo contains the following ingredients (taken from their website):

Due to the fact that this product contains beeswax, it's not considered to be a vegan friendly product.

Other Products

Tattoo Goo has moved on from just selling the "Goo" in a tin to several different products which include (as of April 16, 2006):

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