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I am a medical researcher at the Institute of Medicine and Medical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen. My area of interest is in human anatomy and physiology. I see many examples of trauma and injuries sustained by people in many different situations.

I am not about to tell people how to conduct their business. Professionals will know there business much more than I. My purpose is to instruct and advise on the medical and health implications associated with body modification. In my view, there are many inaccuracies or omissions on this site with regard to medical issues. This is largely due to misunderstandings of some things or a lack of knowledge.

The human body is a wonderful thing. It can show amazing powers of regeneration, plasticity and resilience. However, it is not indestructible. There are limitations on what can be withstood by a body and this should be considered before tinkering with a well-oiled machine. Like any good mechanic, make the proper assessment and know what your dealing with before diving in with that spanner.

- The Wikipedia is not a personal site, you cannot create entries to espouse your opinion, no matter how qualified you believe yourself to be.

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