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re: past/present tense (The Genitorturers consist/s of) - I think the inital error came about from whether or not "The Genitorturers" is a singular or plural term. So it's a case of "The Genitorturers are made up of" or "The Genitorturers is made up of" - and the eternal debate as to which is correct, regardless of which sounds right. (pas des chiens 23:12, 22 June 2006 (EDT))


Actually, I was wondering whether it should be as is, or 'consisted of.' The rest of the references make it sound as though the Genitorturers are not a group now, but the first sentence would lead one to believe that they are. So, basically, I was saying that the first sentence should say "consisted" of, and perhaps somewhere a mention of when they broke up. Otherwise, it seems like the rest of the article should be in present tense.

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