Stephen Dorff

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Stephen Dorff
Birth Date July 29, 1973
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation Actor



Stephen Dorff is an American actor with a large list of credits to his name including such films as The Power of One, Blade and World Trade Center. Recently, while filming the movie Felon, Dorff was tattooed by a real-life inmate he had befriended on set.


  • initials SD on forearm
  • rose tattoo


"But, I made friends with one guy, whose name was Isaac... He was an incredibly sweet guy; he had been in prison for about eight years, grew up in juvenile hall with prison values.

"While we were shooting Felon together he told me about his two little kids and his wife and everything was really sweet.

"He's a tattoo artist and I became friends with him, so, after the movie, he gave me two tattoos; one of my initials on my forearm and then a rose that I got for my family. I connected with him."

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