Shannon Moore

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Shannon Moore
Birth Date July 27, 1979
Birth Place Cameron, North Carolina, USA
Death Date Living
Occupation Professional Wrestler



Shannon Moore is an American professional wrestler. He sports extensive tattoo work and has recently opened his own tattoo studio, Gas Chamber Ink in North Carolina.

Born July 27, 1979, he has stated he got his first tattoo at the age of 18 and has been fascinated with body modification since childhood. He currently wrestles for WWE on the Smackdown brand.


  • Hard and Knox on his knuckles
  • Extinct on his lip
  • kanji for Extreme, Success and Eternity
  • 2BME across his stomach


  • It's coming along good man; it's just something I've always wanted. I started this summer and it's going to take a total of 60 hours and I'm 40 hours into it. - on his tattoo work
  • I got that (chest tattoo) at a point in my life when I realized who I was as a person; it symbolizes that time. To me, it means a whole lot and I wear it with pride, said Moore, who also has tattoos throughout his left arm, his right neck and shoulder, inside his lower lip and below his belt, with more coming, he said. (


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