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Shane Munce is a tattoo artist and piercer in Norristown, PA, USA.

Shane grew up in a sheltered Delaware town. From a young age, he had an interest in exploring art. He discovered skateboarding, girls and youthful punk rock rebellion. At thirteen, he pierced his ears, and then, at sixteen, he pierced his nipple. The day Shane turned eighteen, he got his first tattoo. Shane attended the University of Delaware, where he began to pierce his eager friends. In his sophomore year, he became the first professional body piercer in Delaware.

A year later, Shane was introduced to body modification guru Steve Haworth. Shane was humbled and inspired, and since then has made sure to explore as many facets of body modification and body play as possible. In 1995, Shane formed the performance group Whacks. By 1997, Whacks had evolved into a three man group. In April 2000, Shane set the Guinness World Record for ‘The Longest Suspension from the Least Amount of Hooks.” With the assistance of his fellow performers, Shane hung from only one hook. Shane has found spiritual inspiration in his suspensions and body play. Shane does not condone drug use; he prefers to use the endorphins in his own body to lead him to new states of consciousness. The physical feats of endurance Shane has gone through have made him into a strong and resilient character.

Shane has large and impressive collections of guns, horror paraphernalia, venomous snakes, and classic skateboards. He also has a classic Plymouth Savoy, which he is working on restoring. Shane drives a unique, customized, and award winning Harley. His house is full of interesting pets, taxidermied animals and real human bones.

Shane currently works as a tattooer and master piercer at Norristown Tattoo Company. He has appeared in numerous media publications, and has won a number of awards at tattoo conventions.

the above was taken from Shane's website, but has been slightly edited.

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