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Samppa Von Cyborg
Photo by lukas zpira (2).jpg
Birth Date
Birth Place
Death Date Living
Occupation Body modification artist, piercer, model

Samppa Von Cyborg is a Finnish body modification artist and owner of Mad Max Tattoo and Piercing in Tampere, Finland. He is now based out of London, UK and travels frequently. He performs piercings, scarification, implants, tongue splitting and surgical modification work, and has been influential in designing more advanced techniques for various procedures—the most well-known of his innovations are probably Flesh Stapling and the MadMax Bar that was named after his studio. He also created the Flesh Coil and flesh plating and was the first modification artist to experiment with magnetic implants. Samppa designs and makes his own "Cyber Cell Collection" jewelry, and is a performance artist with a modern freak show style.

Samppa is an alternative model regularly appearing on the pages of various magazines. In Spring 2006, he was featured in a huge advertising campaign for online casino, with his face adorning enormous posters in the London Underground, and the sides of buses and taxis. He is also featured in advertisements for Snickers and MSN Messenger.

Other recent projects include a major role in the film 'Blood Junkies', and graphic design work for the forthcoming Ginger and the Sonic Circus and Conny Bloom albums.

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