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Paul Booth
Birth Date 1968
Birth Place
Death Date living
Occupation tattoo artist

Paul Booth (born in 1968) is a tattoo artist who is well known in the body modification industry for his macabre art and his incredible tattoos. Paul's interest in tattooing started with his first tattoo which was his daughter's name. This piqued his interest and he desired to learn more about the art of tattooing. Paul did his first tattoo in November 1988 and he hasn't stopped since.

With no formal art training to speak off, Paul himself once said that he never got picked for baseball so he stayed home and drew pictures instead. Paul did serve a formal apprenticeship at the studio he was getting work done at for three years at the cost of five thousand dollars. That gave him the base of what he needed to know and the experience that has brought him to where he is today.

Paul Booth works out of Last Rites in New York City with several other talented artists. Paul has been tattooing for 18+ years now and has won numerous awards for his art and has gained international acclaim. Paul also aided in creating the Art Fusion Experiment (AFE).

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