Opening Up: Body Modification Interviews

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Opening Up: Body Modification Interviews
Author Shannon Larratt
Genre Non Fiction
Country Canada
Publisher Self Published
Published November 20, 2008
Language English
Pages 460

Opening Up: Body Modification Interviews is a book by Shannon Larratt containing interviews he did for BMEzine between 1995 and 2008.

It includes the following interviews, done for BME between 1995 and 2008: Jon Cobb, Tom Brazda, Anne Greenblatt, CM Hurt, Piercers “Behind the Scenes”, Keith Alexander, Dr. Robert Stubbs, Kristian White, Reverend Drew Lewis, Fabiola, Erik Sprague, Todd Bertrang, Patrick Bartholomew, Anders Sandberg, Mick Noland, Reverend Mad Jack, Fakir Musafar, Urban Primitive, Fingerless “S”, Elayne Angel, Blair, Derek Lowe, Eizo Mamiya, Chaz “No Hand”, “Adding and Subtracting”, “Fingernails”, Steve-O, “Joshua”, A Modified Man in the Air Force, Fish Piercing, Todd Huffman, “Homo Raelianis”, Eyelid Piercing, Kerra Fowler, Punch-and-Taper Piercing, James Sooy, “The Customer is Always… Angry”, “The Customer is Always… Suicidal”, “The Customer is Always… Perverted”, “The Customer is Always… Stinky”, Love at First Bite, Ben on Dermal Anchoring, Johnny Brought His [Tattoo] Gun, Michelle the Pass Around Girl, FK, The Indestructible Man, Magnetic Vision, Alvar Saenz-Otero, Ashley Crawford, Leen’s Half Foot, Howie, Toph, One Hand Jason, Fabrizio Divari, DJ Minor, G.C., Boff Konkerz, Daniel DiMattia, Jae the Scratcher, Johnny Thief, Anders the Piercing Guy, Vincent Hocquet, Trepanation, Frances Sand, “Semi-Voluntary”, “De-Fingered”, Allen Falkner, Mohan Gurung, Jacki Randall, John Joyce, and Got Your Nose.

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